Reflex Lens Accessory Set

This set included filters for both color and black-and-white photography, as well as portrait lenses to fit the Reflex. A top grain cowhide leather case, fitted with belt loops and carrying strap, housed all the accessories.

The Reflex Accessory Set contained:

  • genuine leather case
  • adapter ring
  • retaining ring
  • sunshade
  • filter ring
  • Ansco UV-16 filter
  • Ansco Conversion No. 11
  • Ansco R60 (Red) filter
  • Ansco Y49 (Yellow) filter
  • Ansco G53-2 (Green) filter
  • Ansco 1+ and 2+ Portrait Lens for close ups

In the instructions, Ansco claimed: “These filters were selected with your complete needs in mind. They represent most filters needed for pictures with both Ansco Color Positive and black-and-white films.”

The adapter ring slides inside the viewing lens mount for focusing (with portrait lenses) and outside the taking lens mount for the picture.

As you might imagine, given Ansco’s dye-making side, the filters are dyed rather than pigmented. Ansco warned that, “although the dyes in these filters have great permanence and light fastness, they may be affected by prolonged exposure to the action of bright sunlight. For proper protection, they should be kept in the leather case when not in use.”

The accessory kit was announced in 1949.