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Introducing the New Precision Reflex…

Bridging the great gap between the more cumbersome press or studio equipment, and the less versatile amateur cameras, the precision-built twin-lens reflex offers many conspicuous advantages of both camera types. Combining candid-camera portability and view-camera ground glass focusing, the small reflex type of camera is preferred by many professional photographers, and magazine illustrators, as well as serious amateurs.

The Ansco Automatic Reflex f:3.5 Camera is the finest camera of this type made in America. In addition to bringing the photographer the obvious advantages of its excellent lenses and shutter, and those of focusing brilliant, negative-size images on it focusing screen, the new Ansco Reflex is the first American-made reflex camera to offer the long awaited automatic film transport plus dependable double exposure prevention.

It is apparent at a glance that the new Ansco Automatic Reflex is also a satisfying eyeful. The body is of long-lasting die-cast aluminum covered in rich, black morocco grain leather. All exposed metal parts, including the convenient calculator on the back, have a smooth, satin chrome finish. From its self-erecting finder hood to its firm, steady base, this camera is designed to please the most discriminating photographer.

Furthermore, the camera stands at the top of every comparison: rugged construction, operating conveniences, appearance, dependability and quality of the materials used. To give an example, the Automatic Reflex offers the operating refinements that you’ve dreamed of having in a camera, and its external precision controls are only the beginning of the story, for the interior mechanisms that you don’t see are equally impressive …

The sliding front lens panel has a wear-resistant suspension which gives the utmost rigidity and operating smoothness. Machine-cut gears are used throughout the tamper-proof film advance mechanism. Bearings and slides are self-lubricating for lifetime dependability. Quality is built into the new Ansco Reflex, right from the ground up!

The Lens and Shutter Assembly

In keeping with its construction features and other photographic refinements, the Ansco Automatic Reflex is equipped with optical elements of the highest quality and an accurate set-and-release shutter. The lenses are coated to reduce flare and internal reflections, and to produce photographs of great clarity and brilliance, either in black-and-white or color. Check the features below for overall excellence, efficiency, and operating convenience.

Coated Lens

The taking lens is a coated Ansco f:3.5 Anastigmat 83mm in focal length, with a matched coated f:3.2 finding lens. Both of these lenses are carefully made to an exact formula, and are thoroughly tested, both before and after being mounted on the camera. The 83mm focal length gives ideal working distances and angle of coverage for the 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ negative size.

The lens elements remain in fixed position in relation to each other at all focusing settings in order to take full advantage of the exact lens formula. The lenses are excellent for color photography as well as black-and-white work.

Set-and-Release Shutter

The Ansco Automatic Reflex shutter is a precision cock-and-release type which gives accurately measured exposures from a full second to 1/400 second, and Bulb. This between-the-lens shutter is cocked by merely pressing the handy lever on the left side of the front lens panel; it is released by pressing the conveniently placed lever at the right side of the front panel.

Those who may raise the question, “Why isn’t the camera made so the automatic film advance will cock the shutter?” should remember that such a mechanism places an immediate stress upon the delicate springs within the shutter. Though these springs are of the highest quality, it is obvious that they cannot be held always under tension between exposures — which may be hours, days, or even weeks apart — without ultimately impairing the accuracy of the shutter and shortening its useful life.

The shutter speed of the Ansco Reflex is selected by turning the barrel of the taking lens. The effective shutter setting automatically appears at the top of the finder lens mount, where it is easily readable fro the normal picture-taking position.

Provision for Flash Photography

The cable release socket provided at the top of the lens panel is connected by direct drive to the original trigger lever inside the shutter. Thus, any conventional type of flash gun, including multiflash and high-speed electronic flash units, may be used with every assurance of exact and efficient synchronization.

The Diaphragm

The diaphragm is set by moving a convenient control at the bottom of the taking lens mount. The lens aperture setting automatically appears in the aperture window at the top of the front panel, where it is readable from the conventional picture-taking position. The aperture setting may also be read from the mount of the taking lens opposite the control.

Operating Features of the New Reflex

Automatic Film Transport

The Ansco Automatic Reflex is the first American reflex camera to offer the convenience of automatic film transport. With this feature, a simple twist of the folding chrome crank  on the right side of the camera automatically advances the film exactly one frame, at the same time releasing the double exposure prevention mechanism. This rapid method of advancing the film will speed up shooting and prevent negative losses due to double exposures.

The Exposure Counter

As the film is advanced, an automatic counter brings the number of the succeeding exposure into view under a transparent plastic window next to the film advance crank. All mechanism is under cover, and sealed off from the damaging effects of dust and grit.

Double Exposure Prevention

The automatic film transport releases the double exposure prevention device as the film is advanced. This positively prevents accidental exposures, although there is a provision for multiple exposures if the photographer cares to make them.

The Resetting Lever

One other exclusive feature of the Ansco Automatic Reflex lies in a small resetting lever on the right side of the camera, adjacent to the exposure counter.

If multiple exposures are desired, simply push the magic lever; this releases the double exposure prevention device, allowing the shutter to be released again without advancing the film.
If you want to wind off a partially exposed roll of film, press the resetting lever and turn the exposure counter to “N.” The complete roll may then be quickly round off without further attention.

In addition, this lever will clear almost all the camera mechanism should it become jammed through improper manipulation. It represents a feature which may circumvent repairs.

Focusing Features of the New Reflex

The Ground Glass

The ground glass focusing screen allows the photographer to compose his pictures exactly as they will appear on the negative, thus utilizing the total negative area. Focusing is also easier and simpler with the advantages of this full negative-size focusing screen.

The Finder Hood

The self-erecting finder hood shields the ground glass focusing screen from stray light, making for brilliant images which are easy to see. The pressure of a finger on a single point brings the hood quickly into position.

Photographers will be glad to learn that the hood of the Ansco Reflex can also be closed in a like manner — by the pressure of a finger on a single point. No folding of the sides is necessary.

The Built-in Focusing Magnifier

Razor-sharp focusing is easy with the built-in focusing magnifier ready to spring into position over the ground glass at a touch of a button. This button is located outside the self-erecting hood — there is no danger of fingerprinting the focusing screen or the magnifier.

The Eye-Level View Finder

If the photographer wishes to use an eye-level view finder, he will find that the front and back panels of the Ansco Reflex focusing hood contain a high quality optical sports finder. This direct view finder, an integral part of the camera, is extremely valuable when photographing fast action or whenever the camera must be used at eye level.

The Focusing Knob

The subject is easily brought into focus on the negative-size ground glass screen by rotating the knurled knob on the left side of the camera. This grip-sized knob moves the entire lens assemblies smoothly forward and backward for critical focus at any distance from 3’8″ to infinity, always taking advantage of the exact formula at all settings.

The Footage Scale

An easy-to-read footage scale is engraved on the focusing-knob for fast focusing when using the direct optical finder. It is an excellent focusing guide for action shots where speed in shooting is essential.

The Lenses

The entire lens assemblies are moved by turning the focusing knob to obtain exact focus; no individual element is disturbed from its critical relationship to the other elements of the formula.

The Focusing Mechanism

The rack-and-pinion system has been discarded in favor of the precision-ground cam mechanism. Using the cam principle for moving the lens assemblies forward and backward has advantages from both the standpoints of wear and precise operation. The cam mechanism is built for lifetime wear, and will give years of velvet-smooth trouble-free operation, due to its self-lubricating precision slides.

Finger-tip Focusing

There is provision for finger-tip focusing with either or both hands should the photographer desire to use it. Focusing wheels on both sides of the lens panel are coupled by direct drive to the focusing knob for hairline accuracy of operation.

All Controls Visible

All controls and adjustments are instantly visible from the overhead view conventionally used when operating the camera; the photographer may check the shutter speed and aperture setting as he examines the image in the ground glass — all without changing his position or moving the camera.

Notable Construction Features of the Reflex

Construction features such as a die-cast aluminum body, and heavy-duty precision-machined gears, make the Ansco Automatic Reflex America’s best built reflex camera. Examine this camera’s many outstanding construction features, and see for yourself why you can expect the Ansco Reflex to give you years of trouble-free accurate operation:

  1. Compact construction.
  2. Light weight.
  3. Rigid, wear-resistant lens panel movement.
  4. Non-shattering cast aluminum body.
  5. Genuine morocco grain leather covering.
  6. Exposed metal parts chrome finished.
  7. Heavy machine-cut working parts.
  8. Bronze bearings pressed into cast aluminum.
  9. Self-lubricating bearings and slides.
  10. Safety catch locks on spool stud supports.

Compact Construction

The Ansco Reflex measures only 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 by 5 3/4 inches, presenting a remarkably compact instrument that is easy to carry even when the going is rough.

Light Weight

Weight, as well as bulk, has been reduced to a minimum. Weighing 2 lb. 12 oz., the camera is firm and steady in the hands, yet light to carry.

Rigid Wear-resistant Lens Panel Movement

Long-lasting, velvet-smooth operation is assured by a dependable precision-ground slider suspension. Four self-lubricating slides (two on each side) firmly support the lens panel carriage which is driven by direct drive on both sides. It has the utmost rigidity, and is not subjected to torque when operated. The costlier cam and precision slide principle means added years of dependable camera performance.

Non-Shattering Cast-Aluminum Body

Light in weight and long on durability, the die-cast aluminum body renders the camera as invulnerable to injury as is possible to make it. And this is not the only casting used in the Ansco Automatic Reflex, for no less than six precision aluminum castings are used in every camera.

Genuine Morocco Grain Leather Covering

The high quality genuine leather body covering has a generous quota of eye-appeal. And it not only looks well, it wears well, and will keep its luxurious appearance over the years.

Exposed Metal Parts are Chrome Finished

All exposed metal parts on the Ansco Reflex have a satin chrome finish. These parts will give lifetime wear and will not tarnish.

Heavy Machine-Cut Working Parts

Precision parts are used throughout the camera; gears and other moving parts are machine-cut to exact dimensions. Punch-press gears stamped out of metal were not precise enough to go into the Ansco Reflex. In addition, parts exposed to heavier strains and wear are hardened to maintain the accuracy and alignment of all assemblies.

Bronze Bearings Pressed Into Cast Aluminum

Although it is probably that photographers would never encounter trouble even if these bearings were not used, Ansco engineers wanted to give the Automatic Reflex owners the finest instrument possible. As a consequence, bronze bearings are pressed into the aluminum casting at points of wear.

Self-Lubricating Bearings and Slides

All bearings and slides are self-lubricating for years of trouble-free smooth operation. Wear on moving parts is, of course, reduced to a minimum.

Safety Catch Locks On Spool Stud Supports

Safety catch locks are incorporated with the film spool stud supports as another construction refinement of the Reflex. This is a very important feature to the photographer, for it means he cannot accidentally disengage the film spool from its supports while the camera back is closed; there is no danger of film loss while on assignment. Opening the camera back automatically releases these locks, and the film is quickly removable without any adjustment of them.

Accessories for Your New Reflex

The Ansco Automatic Reflex Carrying Case

Especially designed to protect your Ansco Reflex from wear and possibly injury. Made from genuine top grain split cowhide, lined with soft leather for greater beauty and durability. The case may be carried by the convenient hand strap, or suspended from the shoulder by the extension strap which is also provided.

Other Accessories

Many other accessories of superb quality and workmanship are custom made for the Ansco Automatic Reflex. Filter holders and sunshades especially designed for the 33mm taking lens mount are available, as are various filters of the highest optical quality.

List Prices

Ansco Automatic Reflex f:3.5 Camera … $225.00
Federal Excise Tax … 37.50
Total … $262.50
Ansco Reflex Carrying Case … $12.50